About Us

Our Company

Biofoot is a technology-driven healthcare establishment serving individuals and organisations with preventive and rehabilitative health solutions.

Our work helps thousands of customers annually improve their wellbeing using diagnostic assessments to customise the optimal solution for their physical health.

Twenty years after opening our first store, we operate in four locations across the EMEA region with the goal of reaching ten stores by 2022.

Our Foundation

Science, Education and Human-Centric Experiences are our core values and tools to make advanced physical health solutions accessible to everyone.

Our Work

Orthopedic Shoe Technology (Orthopädieschuhtechnik)

Foot Wear

Foot Orthotics


Plantar Pressure

Dynamic Gait

Orthopedic Technology (Orthopädietechnik)






Physical & Functional Health Products


Foot Care




Functional Exercise

Home Care


Our Activities

Patients & Customers


Physical and objective assessments are used for problem identification


Education of the problem and its optimal solution


Measurement, design and production of unique personalised products


Adjustment or transformation of existing products to better serve need


Procurement, organisation and sales of healthcare consumer products


Repair, maintenance and follow-up for continued customer support

Organisations & Partners

Service Provider

Offer dedicated services to partners within fields of expertise

Project Management

Turn Key Solutions in Podiatry, Gait/Biomechanics and Physiotherapy

Professionals & Practitioners

Scientific Support

Support educational and research activities for collective development of physical health diagnosis, treatment and technology

Clinical Support

Establish care continuum between clinical activities and our establishment through continued communication of patient status and progress

Advanced Technology For Your Foot Health

BIOFOOT® is an innovative Podiatry & Foot healthcare company with 18 years of experience in foot, ankle and lower extremities health, started in Jordan and now has extended activities in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

Very soon BIOFOOT® will cover the whole Middle East region. We believe that good posture and correct motion patterns start from the foot. That’s why we originate the highest-technology full solutions for foot and posture wellbeing through our topmost products. Because BIOFOOT® founders are foot and physical healthcare specialists who believe in scientific methods, we have set the technical terms as our highest priority to deliver the highest level of products by sponsoring and participating in several scientific researches and studies in the past few years. And still, BIOFOOT® is providing so many social and community educational activities aiming to improve awareness and knowledge about mechanical foot health in the whole Middle East region. 26 Bones, hundreds of muscles and ligaments, thousands of nerve-ends, most complicated mechanical work in the body, millions of actions (contractions, extensions, rotations, nerve reactions, etc.) are happening down in that small part of our body, working silently, imprisoned in a couple of boxes.

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