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Custom Insoles
From GERMANY directly, BIOFOOT  brings you state-of-art orthotic insoles to match all your needs for best support for your feet
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Aurelka Medical Shoes
BIOFOOT® Medical provides you with a unique fantastic children shoes Aurelka. Aurelka Collection includes prevention (anatomically correct) shoes. On their
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Orthotics & Insoles
BIOFOOT® Medical provide custom-made foot orthotics, which is a professionally made devices inserted into the shoe to correct an abnormal
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Diabetic Shoes
Infections can lead to serious foot problems if you have diabetes. However, there are precautions you can take to maintain
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Silicone Products
Our products are made from 100% pure silicone without additives or oils. These products have high viscosity, cushioning the charge
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Braces & Supports
BIOFOOT® Medical provides you with DARCO® products; the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of medical and post operational footwear, cam
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Medical Shoes
BIOFOOT® is the premier supplier of the medical shoes, specializing in orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, and other types of footwear
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